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AniSphere vol.13



AniSphere is an international anime song DJ club event for both Japanese and non-Japanese people to enjoy together.

If you'd like to talk to or make friends with Japanese anime fans or just enjoy anime songs, just come on in!

AniSphere is held every third Friday night at club Akihabara MOGRA.


◆About MOGRA
MOGRA is the world’s top night club for anikura, which are DJ parties for anime song lovers.

◆About this event
Recently, we're seeing more and more people from all over the world at MOGRA. Japanese people would like to get to know them but it's not easy to find a chance. International visitors are often looking for something fun to do at night in Akihabara but don't know where to go. We could all have a happier nightlife if we could enjoy anime songs together!
AniSphere was born to make that connection.
Anime + Sphere = AniSphere!
Why don't you join the fun?

Watch a broadcast on twitch.

May. 18th (Fri.)
23:00-05:00 DJ time (all night)
Entrance fee /2,500JPY with 1 drink

◆Guest DJ/VJ
kotaroww (Disani / Oretachi no party ga konna ni tanoshii wake ga nai)
nakau (Anisong DJ Bar Alchemist / Anijuu / Animeyama / Nerdope)
Yukit (JOYFUL SOUND ANIMATION!! / Team-GS / Anisong Club NEXT!! / Turn_on)
Mekatyu (PariPism / Nounai Kaihou Kyoukai / Triple Attack!!! / Ajiani)

◆Resident DJ/VJ/STAFF
踊りーマン (Odolyman)
ギー汰 (Gihta)
トニオ (Tonio)
ちゃー (Char)

◆Guest Profile
kotaroww (Disani / Oretachi no party ga konna ni tanoshii wake ga nai)
Kowtaroww hadn't even learned letter D of her ABCs but she knew how to dance at the age of 3 and has been dancing ever since. In order to listen to her favorite anisongs in the club, she began to DJ.
She was raised on a healthy diet of Japanese pop songs, Western pop music and rock, but since she was heavily influenced in her youth by anime smelling of blood and gunpowder, she grew up into a military-loving lady with a heart of steel.
She dreams of becoming Motoko Kusanagi one day.

nakau (Anisong DJ Bar Alchemist / Anijuu / Animeyama / Nerdope)
Born in 1991, nakau was so eager to make friends with whom he could talk about anime that he started DJing with no prior knowledge at Anisong DJ Bar Alchemist in Akihabara.

Organizer of "Alchemist Night," an event designed to select the representative DJ of Akihabara Alchemist, and Animeyama, an outdoor anisong rave event which attracted over 200 people last year.
Regular DJ at Anijuu, an anisong-centric all-genres party on the theme of romance, friendship and family love.
Crew member at Nerdope, and all-genres event in Hachioji, Tokyo.

nakau has experience performing at Natsu no Utage, an omnibus anisong party event gathering top DJs from representative anime song events, as well as Re:animation, an outdoor music festival regularly attended by several thousands of people.
He's also participated three consecutive times at DJ events at Shinkiba ageHa, Japan's largest club, and performed at Silent Disco, a DJ event where everyone listens to music with wireless headphones.

Following his motto of creating fun experiences focused on anime songs, nakau continues to remain active both within and outside the Tokyo area.

Yukit (JOYFUL SOUND ANIMATION!! / Team-GS / Anisong Club NEXT!! / Turn_on)
Yukit began DJing in earnest at the 2015 Xmas Party at Tsukiakari Yumeterasu.
Starting out as a dancer, Yukit gained DJ experience in the anisong dance battle scene and other fields before becoming organizer of JOYFUL SOUND ANIMATION!! in May, 2016. He also became organizer of Turn_on in January, 2018 at Akihabara MOGRA.
Playing music ranging from anisongs, character songs, as well as songs from girl-oriented and bishojo games, Yukit strives to create enjoyable mixes that envelop the dance floor in good vibes.
An avid fan of Nag-Asu: A Lull in the Sea, his favorite animes are similarly sorrowful tales of youth, and his musical preference tends towards melodious four-on-the-floor songs.
His invitations to perform as guest DJ steadily on the rise, Yukit is enjoying his life with anime and DJing.

Mekatyu (PariPism / Nounai Kaihou Kyoukai / Triple Attack!!! / Ajiani)
In 2016, Mekatyu began VJing mostly in the anisong DJ club scene.
Already having made a name for hirself as an otoko no ko (the Japanese term for men who dress and sometimes live as women), Mekatyu quickly expanded hir range of activities as "the world's cutest otoko no ko VJ."
Mekatyu mixes visual clips together to deliver a unique vision, creating one-and-only experiences at every event.
Always striving to have the best time ze can at any given moment, Mekatyu continues to deliver "awesome moments" at each event.

◆DJ/VJ/STAFF photo






ちゃー (Char)


Anime + Sphere(球体・天体の意味)=AniSphere!

AniSphere Vol. 13 @秋葉原MOGRA
入場料 2500円(1ドリンク付き)