20171020 21:00~

AniSphere Vol7. Halloween Special

AniSphere vol.7 Halloween Special

AniSphere is an international anime song event for both Japanese and non-Japanese people to enjoy together.

If you'd like to talk or make friends with Japanese anime fans or just enjoy anime songs, just come on in!

◆About this event
Recently, we're seeing more and more people from all over the world at MOGRA.
Japanese people would like to make friends with them but it's not easy to find a chance.
International visitors are often looking for something fun to do at night in Akihabara but don't know where to go.
We could all have a happier nightlife if we could become friends and enjoy anime songs together!
AniSphere was born to make that connection.
Anime + Sphere = AniSphere!
Why don't you join our community?

21:00-23:00 Lounge Bar time
23:00-05:00 DJ time (all night)
Entrance fee /2,500JPY with 1 drink

◆Guest DJ
DJ Sakura (from Singapore)
POGI (Dis-ani / Furaigumi)
かのよ Kanoyo (Cosnon)

◆Guest VJ
やと Yato (Xi-lium / I-on / Otome Teikoku Fujin Gikai)
バファリンBufferin (BokuAni, First Step, OtaLympics, SaoAni, Anijuu, Ochakai, OrePa)

◆Resident DJ/VJ/STAFF
ルイーズ (Louise)

◆Guest Profile
DJ Sakura
DJ Sakura is here with all your favourite J-EDM and Anisong hits!

Having played in Singapore for J-music events such as Otakurabu as well as ExitTunes Dance Party Singapore 2017, STGCC Official After Party, do not belittle her. With her excellent skills as a DJ and Beautiful Song Choice, Sakura sets fire to the dance floor in no time!

Follow her on instagram @sakura.soh!

POGI (Dis-ani / Furaigumi)
In 2007, a friend POGI made through his band activities was organizing a heavy metal / hard rock DJ event and invited him to participate. That was the beginning of his DJ career.
In 2009, he had the idea that it would be fun to play the anisongs which he loved since he was a kid at the club. Even though he knew nothing about the scene at the time, he launched the anisong DJ party Dis-ani.
Thanks to his experience DJing at rock and metal events, he's skilled at sharp cut-ins and short mixes. He has gained a solid reputation for his playing style combining a playful spirit with a sense of groove that's conscious of lyrics and thematic links between songs.
He's a regular DJ at popular DJ events such as Tokimeki Zettai Ryoiki, Nonai Kaiho Kyokai and Anisong Club NEXT!!
As his alter ego, the Curry Fairy, he searches day and night for tasty curry dishes.


Kanoyo (Cosnon)
Kanoyo began DJing in February, 2017!
Later, that summer, she landed a gig performing on the Gold Floor at Natsu no Utage. She puts it down to her can-do attitude, vitality and amazing luck.
She loves anime featuring cute girls, and likes to cosplay herself.
With her motto "girls should be cute and brave," she hopes to do her best so everyone can have a good time!
Her favorite foods are macarons, ramen and mentaiko.


Yato (Xi-lium / I-on / Otome Teikoku Fujin Gikai)
Yato started out as a VJ in November 2011. Since then, she has been enjoying VJ activities in subculture genres like anisongs and game music in the Tokyo area!
She likes to use images of artists at women-oriented events and has a reputation for getting really excited at the VJ booth when she sees the images on the screen.

VJ Bufferin (BokuAni, First Step, OtaLympics, SaoAni, Anijuu, Ochakai, OrePa)
VJ Bufferin made his debut in November 2015. He plays mostly in the Tokyo area, and is active across all genres.
Recenty, he's also started DJing at events too.
He became an otaku after discovering Amagami, then got into WUG and Aokana, and is now into short-format anime series.